Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Handy Little Tips

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good morning. Mine was awesome :D Dad was home from work today, so I got to sleep in a bit while he got the kids ready for school. Sheer bliss! I don't get to sleep in very often... if you're a mom, you understand. Once your kids are up, you're up. It's the mommy instinct, I guess.

Anyway, I've got a pretty cool post for you all today. I've compiled these genius little tips from all over the internet, and once you read them... you'll probably have a similar reaction to mine. Which was "Well, now I feel like an idiot." :p Hope they help, and if you've got any tips of your own, leave them in the comments!

Got a stripped screw? Lay a rubber band between the head of the screw and the tip of the screwdriver!

Everyone's got that pair of jeans that the zipper won't stay up on. Simple solution? Thread a circular key ring through the hole on the zipper tab, pull the zipper up, hook it over the button, and then button the pants as usual. Voila!

Fun little trick for bored kids on a summer night: Grab some glow sticks from the Dollar store, activate them, and then cut them open and pour the solution into bubbles. Glow in the dark bubbles! (Parental supervision for younger kids, obviously!)

Pour pancake batter into an empty, clean ketchup bottle. No mess, and you can make letters, faces, whatever you want!

Love this one for a baby shower or maybe a little girl's tea party: Bake cupcakes in those little ketchup cups you find at fast food restraunts. Not sure where you'd find them, so a little research is required, but you wouldn't need cupcake tins. Just put them on a cookie sheet. So cute!

I am about to change your life forever... Easter egg dyeing with small children made EASY! Push the egg into a wire wisk and let the little one dip it into the dye!

Use unflavored dental floss to cut soft cheeses or cakes neatly and easily! I used this to cut a round cake into two layers... I wrapped the floss around the middle of cake, crossed the ends, and pulled it slowly and steadily. Two perfectly even cake layers!

Small bathroom in need of more storage? Find a cheap cd tower and mount it sideways to the wall! Could also be used in an entryway for mail sorting, or a cute way to store cooking utensils in a kitchen with limited drawer space. Possibilities are endless!

There you go! There's probably a billion more tips out there, and I'm sure I'll be adding more in posts to come. Let me know if you used any of them, and again, if you have any to add, leave them in the comments!

Lots of love,

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