Thursday, February 28, 2013

Relatable Post

Ick... I am not a morning person. Whoever invented 7 a.m. is probably the same guy who decided on the spelling of Wednesday. This man obvioulsy delights in tormenting the innocent.

Needless to say, I'm a grumpy bitch today, so I figured I would post something designed to put a smile on anyone's face. Hopefully, by the time I get through adding the pics and post this, I'll be in a better mood... otherwise, someone please warn my kids!

Never EVER fails. For some reason, I die laughing everytime I see this.

*snicker* It's so true though!
100% applies to me.
I can't even... there's no words for this. It's so freaking cute, it hurts.
Giggle-worthy, but really it's all about the Channing. Mmmmm, Channing.
Most awesome dad EVER! This will totally be Jeff when the girls start dating, lol.
If that ain't the damn truth!
*ahem* I don't know who this could be referring to...
ANd this one is my favorite... In my case, it would be "Babe," rather than Mom and Dad, lol. He finally got me a Kindle in self defense... he says, and I quote "You're not the one who has to carry all those damn boxes full of books when we move... the Kindle's expensive, but not as expensive as the hospital bills when I give myself a freaking hernia!"

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