Monday, February 25, 2013

Morning Ramblings

Ugh... I am NOT a morning person... my children, however, are a different story. So, in the interest of allowing you to get to know me a bit better, I figured I'd occasionally add these little morning ramblings for your pleasure. :D There's no predicting where my mind will wander or what will come out of my fingers, so please forgive me for any obvious idiocy.

To start, my little blurb tells you I'm Mommy and Goddess to four kids. What it doesn't tell you is that I apparently have two sets of what is known as Irish Twins... the boys, Alex and Nick, are 9 and 8 respectively, making them 11 months apart. Then there's the girls, Shaylee and Gianna (Gigi). They're 3 and 2, making them 10 months apart. Yes... insanity runs in my family... Anyway, people always tell me when they find out how old the kids are that they're Irish Twins. I have no idea why. Does anyone know?

What all this means is that my life is a crazy-beautiful-hectic-scream inducing mess at times. But I wouldn't have it any other way! Dad works, so Mom gets to stay home with the kids, and the dog, the cat, the rabbit, and occasionally a lizard of some sort... and develop wonderful little eye-tics due to sheer boredom and repitition. Out of defense, I became addicted to the Food Network and now own 3 years worth of The Food Network and Rachel Ray magazines. I started to experiment in the kitchen, and at first... well, let's just say hazmat suits may have been involved, but the government has sworn me to secrecy so I can't say anything more about it. Over time, however, I grew more comfortable and realized that I had a little bit of talent, especially with baking!

I'm far from the stage where I can create my own recipe or whip up a five course gourmet meal in an hour, but I'm slowly coming into my own, tweaking recipes here and there and trying new things. So, on this blogging journal, I'll be trying new recipes from all over the place. Magazines, Pinterest, and even reader suggestions! I'll make them and post the results here, and you'll be able to see the results from an everyday, average mom who's not a whiz in the kitchen.

I've also discovered a fascination with the DIY/Crafts boards on Pinterest, so I may be posting projects from there as well. There will be a little bit of everything... maybe even some cries for help on potty training an ALMOST FOUR YEAR OLD who REFUSES to use the potty... not even in pull ups! My boys were so much easier to potty train...

I will TRY to take a photo step-by-step of each recipe, Pioneer Woman-style, but just know that among the many things I am, photographer is not one of them. There might be pictures, but they may not be pretty... and may involve various pets and/or children. In addition to this, there may be some recipes that don't have photos, due to me being an airhead and not taking them, or my house is a mess and I don't want everyone to see the mountain of dirty dishes in the sink... I'll try to limit these. :p

Well, that's it for this post. I hope you're all having a great morning! I'm on my third cup of coffee and my fourth snuggle with a random girl child, so mine is shaping up to be a good one. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback from you readers, or recipes that you've been wanting to try but don't want to spend money on... I'll test them out for you! I'll leave you with this thought...

Lots of love,

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